Friday, 14 July 2017

Day #7 Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Day #7 Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Activity 1
  1. Put more rubbish bins around so it avoids people throwing the rubbish on the ground.
  2. Having less construction down around the area will stop the pollution in the air, even though there us re-production happening at the moment.
  3. Having less paper runs around the area, because sometimes the paper, plastic flies out of the letter boxes and down into the drains or into animals stomachs.

Activity 2
I find it extremely relaxing when I’m inside my blanket.
Bonus Activity

Going on this trip and journey was fun especially learning more about New Zealand, Matariki and parts of New Zealand that I didn’t even know existed. Everything that I have learnt over this past week makes me appreciate Nz more and I will sure join in to the next learning journey.


jolie said...

Kia Ora Moana

I adore youre work! You're Ideas for keeping New Zealand clean are very smart. I also did one of these and mine are not as smart as yours.


Moana @ Glen Innes School said...

Don't say that, I bet your one is exceedingly smart. Thank you so much though!

Limiteti @ Glen Innes School said...

Hi Moana,

It's really sad to know that I won't be able to read your wonderful work for a while. But this work is so amazing, it was fun to know how much you have learned in the past week! have a fun rest of the holiday.

Nicky Bloy said...

Kia Ora Moana!

A huge congratulations on completing the Winter Learning Journey these holidays! I'm so pleased to hear that you have gained a new appreciation for New Zealand! We live in such a beautiful country and there is so much to see and experience! I hope you were able to learn some things you didn't know before about Aotearoa...

It's so great to hear you want to join the next Summer Learning Journey!

Rachel is really looking forward to coming to your school in Term 3 to present your certificates and awards and to meet you!

Again, well done!

Nicky :)

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