Friday, 14 July 2017

Day #7 Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Activity 1
  1. Put more rubbish bins around so it avoids people throwing the rubbish on the ground.
  2. Having less construction down around the area will stop the pollution in the air, even though there us re-production happening at the moment.
  3. Having less paper runs around the area, because sometimes the paper, plastic flies out of the letter boxes and down into the drains or into animals stomachs.

Activity 2
I find it extremely relaxing when I’m inside my blanket.
Bonus Activity

Going on this trip and journey was fun especially learning more about New Zealand, Matariki and parts of New Zealand that I didn’t even know existed. Everything that I have learnt over this past week makes me appreciate Nz more and I will sure join in to the next learning journey.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Day #6 Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Day #6 Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Activity 1
As I scan the area for people it is over filled with laughter and joy… But how can people be this happy even if there are kites in the sky… Granted the view are great, the smell of the ocean is delightful, but there is really nothing else but I shouldn’t exactly be spiteful. Adjusting to my new area will be out of my comfort zone, but the area is pleasant and maybe it could be over-zoned. (Over-zone, is like more out of your comfort zone than usual, and it rhymes.)
Activity 2
They have taken down the items.

Bonus Activity

The first haka was my personal favourite. They were confident and the poses were strong.

The second one was my least favourite. They should have put the short ones at the front as you can barely see them in the haka.

The third was was okay. They were a bit to cocky but if they weren’t it would definitely be my favourite.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Day #5 Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 1/Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Day #5 Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Activity 1
I suddenly find myself alone and I can barely see through all of the twigs, leaves but I can also see that a storm is about to come to I suck it up and get on my way to find Curious KIwi.                   
 As I begin my walk through the forest I see many short streams and keep hear unusual squealing. Multiple scenarios are repeating over in my head of where Kiwi might be or the way that we had entered the park in. As my head spirals in different types of positions I remember one thing kiwi had told me. “Follow the moon when you feel you're lost”...

So I went with his advice as tiny raindrops and soon found myself in somewhere where I didn’t even know existed in NZ……..
Activity 2
Fleur Adcock is the famous person I choose. She was born in Auckland on the 10th February 1934, later moved to England and was mostly famous for her great poetry. An interesting fact that I thought was cool was that she isn't only a poet, but throughout her life she had also edited lots of young people's books as well  as writing her own. Which I thought was cool because what's better that editing people's work and getting more ideas for more poems. An unusual one was that, after learning in primary school, middle school, college, she only wanted to graduate university in New Zealand.  Victoria University of Wellington was where she finished her school years off.

Bonus Activity
Riding a bicycle down Otago Central Rail Trail doesn’t exactly sound enjoyable to me. For other people it might but for me, I make to many scenarios in my head which makes me very paranoid.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Day #4 Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Day #4 Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Activity 1
While the tragedy of the hundreds of whales that sadly lost their lives, among those hundreds were some survivors. But there wasn’t really much other people could to do help them. Keeping them wet was the first alternative, covering them was the next as well as keeping them warm, but not to warm. While all of this goes on, they had to make sure there blowholes were clear, but an important thing they had to remember was to stay away from their tails. They were all hopeful the the remaining whales would return to sea by high tide, and thankfully they did.

Activity 2
From my perspective of watching the movie trailers, I think that the movie is obvious of what it is about. Everyone is expecting the next generation as they think that the not borne child yet is going to be a boy. Paths change and the supposed boy is actually now a girl. The unfortunate part is that if she was a boy they would gladly make him the chief. But because she is a girl, everything is different… She may not become the next whale rider.
But my personal score for the morning is a 4-5, It's a good movie.

Bonus Activity
I strongly do believe that fishing or catching ‘Hector's Whales’ in Farewell Spit should not only be banned but illegal.

I’m not just saying catching ‘Hector's Whales’ killings should be banned, I’m saying all native animal killings that have been happening in Farewell Spit should be banned. The native animals in New Zealand is what makes New Zealand special. It is like the highlight of New Zealand because they are so unique, if ‘Hector’s Whales’ are rare, native and originate from New Zealand shouldn’t we be proud. But not only the Hector Whale, but many other native fishes are being killed. So let's take a stand and save the rare, smallest dolphin in the world. The ‘Hector Whales’.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Day #3 Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Day #3 Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

Activity 1
The type of bird I choose was the Morepork. Morepork is a Native bird that is usually not them on a daily basis. Morepork usually eat small insects as well as small mammals which include mice and young rats. It isn't exactly told where Moreporks live, but they are mostly spotted in bushes of forest, or flying around in the tree tops..

Activity 2
I strongly believe that it should be compulsory for predators to be killed. First of all their name should be enough for someone to agree with me. With predators around, it puts some of our New Zealand specialties at risk. For instance it puts the Native trees and Native birds at risk and probably lots of other things. They might destroy the trees, as well as eating the birds which kills the population of these native specialties. In conclusion I believe that killing one possum or predator could save lots of other Native things.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Day #2 Winter Learning Journey/Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity

New Zealand by Land and Sea

Activity 1.
All three of the trips sounded very exciting, but there was one that really caught my eye. The Tane Mahuta Walk. It caught my eye because you can go for a subtle walk as well as seeing the largest known Kauri tree in New Zealand,

Activity 2.
Were you even scared of being in the sail boats?
What did you eat on board?
DId you have contact with any other people?
How did you cope with loneliness?
If you could change one thing about your experience what would it be?

Bonus Activity
  1. Play sports
  2. Explore the outdoors.
  3. Do the garden.
  4. Go to the beach and get a tan.
  5. Go fishing and eat around with friends.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Day #1 Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 1/ Activity 2/ Bonus Activity.

Winter Learning Journey/ 8th July Saturday 2017
100% Pure New Zealand
Activity 1
  1. Nearly four hundred years ago, while the Europeans were worrying about falling off the edge of the earth, Maori people had voyaged thousands of miles across the unknown Pacific Ocean in small canoes. They had then become the first inhabits in Aotearoa New Zealand. From then till now, Maori Culture plays a very important part in New Zealand's identity.
  2. Many New Zealand have grown a great passion for the outdoors. Fun fact actually, many kiwis in new zealand actually own their own boat, this can cause them to have so much fun as their are many things to enjoy on the water. Yachting, Kayaking, Windsurfing and even rowing scene. Many people actually come to New Zealand to enjoy our beautiful outdoors as well as having delightful activities outside to enjoy.                                                                                            Camping, Fishing, Bush Walks, Hiking and beach walks are other alternatives to enjoy in New Zealand. There's also a college named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the man who had conquered Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. He was a big deal to New Zealand as he was from Auckland.
  3. Currently, Rugby football is the most popular sport throughout New Zealand. As the All Blacks also had a recent winning in the RWG (Rugby World Cup.) It has to have you provide Mateship. (Mateship is being loyal to your friends, and having prized social value.) The value of Mateship is still seen in rugby and other sports today.

Activity 2

  1. In the North Island, you can experience seeing very beautiful beaches and walk along the coast line while staring out into the beautiful view.
  2. You can not only view Rangitoto island but their is also a bush walk all the way up to the top. But not only that, Rangitoto is also made from a volcanic island!
  3. Enjoying a late afternoon walk can also be something to enjoy. In auckland there are a variety of spacious parks to walk through, maybe with your family or just going for a short stroll.
  4. The auckland museum is something most people would love to take a visit to. In the museum there are a variety of cultural things and even a long wall of all of the people that went to war. Besides that they're a lots of things to enjoy at the museum.
  5. Visiting the stylish shops of Ponsonby is something you would like to enjoy. It has various shops that you could take a look in or even buy some trendy new clothing items.

Bonus Activity
I added these color because: The green symbolises our big landscapes, blue describes the big seas and oceans and black is just the other color I thought would look nice and easy-going.