Monday, 18 September 2017

Reading Comprehension

Celebration for the Queen
By Emily, 21st June 1897

Making Meaning
  1. For how long had Queen Victoria been queen?
She had been queen for 60 years.
    2.  Which word in the text tells you that the light from the    fireworks was spreading into the darkness?
(Sparks flew and smoke drifted)
   3. Were the townspeople going to be involved in the setting off the fireworks.

The towns people were involved in the picnic but the mayor had called the firework company, which they would do all the work.


4. Why do you think the author described the fire display as magic?

Because in seconds everything would light up with nobody touching it.


5. Why do you think the towns people put so much effort into organizing a celebration for Queen Victoria?

Because she must’ve been a queen for many years and they loved her.


6. Do you think all the fireworks pictured would have been made especially for this celebration?

Well, because the last firework had the queen's name on it it must’ve been.


7. If you were helping to organise the celebration, what else could you have included to make the night memorable?

Done a firework with the queen's face on it.

Digital Learning Object / Word Problems

Friday, 15 September 2017

Narrative Hurricane

Narrative Hurricane
Swirly Winds

Slashes of rain

Success Criteria
  • Use figurative language
  • Use expensive words
  • Make sure there is a problem

As the wind got stronger and the screams got louder I could feel all the hairs on my body stand like a cat dropped into water. I didn’t think it was this bad but I could see houses rolling down the street and children trying to run inside. My mother and I were the only ones home, but with faith, we hoped our family members were safe through this traumatic experience.

It was impossible to think that yesterday there was only little droplets of rain and kids splashing around in the water, to the streets being empty and power resources cut off throughout the city. I could barely imagine what the kids, parents and what the hospital were doing to keep everyone safe.

As we lounged around inside we were clueless of what we could do. We owned a shop, but I don’t think anyone would come out in this weather to get a packet of chips. But I was wrong. Nearly twenty people walked up to our shop but we dear not open the doors. Sadly, in a split second they are whipped off their feet going along with the flood. I heard my mother screech in fear, but we are useless. Then I thought of an idea.

Working for a straight hour, I am hopeful that the solution I am making will work. I saw my mother pop through the door, but I guess I just felt like being alone to concentrate more.

As I dragged the creation out the door I realised I looked stupid as everything was falling apart and it made an awful sound when  I tried to turn it on. My mother smiled at me but I could see all the pain in her eyes. “What was it going to be Karly”? I could see that she honestly wanted to know but I felt to embarrassed and saw my face go red through the window

I scanned the house shortly after to see if there was anything to do. I didn’t even bother trying to turn the tv on as I already knew that the power was cut. My mother tried opening the door but gashing winds flew through the door and pounds of water even managed to get inside. The swell of dampness wept throughout the shop,it even smells like expired food.

As I stared out into the distance it was starting to get dark but there was this awful smell of gas. I couldn’t really see the moon, the stars barely even saw where the clouds were going. But the wind was somehow soothing.

But this part of the storm really hit us. Water crashed inside the house while the screeching wind cracked the windows. I saw my mother run for the garage where the jet skies were but it was jammed with the water. I zoomed upstairs but my mother sadly lacked behind, and in seconds she was gone.

I was totally alone but I was safe. Then I heard the jet skies running an the door crash open. “Karly, quickly, jump on”, screamed mum. I careful sprinted down the stairs and jumped on the jet ski connected to my mother's one. I was ready.

We were careful as we saw cranes collapsing but we stood tall and soon 1 full minute here, was actually 3 full hours.

The hurricane was over. Houses were busted, constructions were laying around crashed, and dead bodies lay still across the pavements. I wasn't going to risk losing my mother so we soon drove around and searched for help and soon, we were in the arms of soldiers leading us to rooms...

Problem Solving

WALT - Use our problem solving skills to solve given problems.
I have to read the problem carefully and highlight the keywords.
I need to come up with the correct equation.
I must show my working.
Linda's mother gave her $114 to go to the store. Linda bought 4 loaves of bread and 4 cartons of orange juice. Each loaf of bread cost $3 and each carton of orange juice cost $3. How much money does Linda have left?
-Linda has to spend $24 - (3x4=12  12 x 2 = 24)

For breakfast, Bella bought a muffin for $3.20 and a cup of coffee for $1.00. For lunch, Bella had soup, a salad, and lemonade. The soup cost $3.70, the salad cost $7.40, and the lemonade cost $2.10. How much more money did Bella spend on lunch than on breakfast?
(3.20 + 1.00 = 4.20) (3.70 + 7.40 = 11.10)
11.10 - 4.20 = 6.90

There are 18 students in the orchestra and twice that number in the band. There are 34 boys and 17 girls in the choir. If each student only participates in one group, how many students total are there in the orchestra, the band, and the choir?

Amy and Candice had breakfast at a cafe. Muffins cost $4 each, and fruit cups cost $2 each. Amy had 1 muffin and 2 fruit cups. Candice had 1 muffin and 1 fruit cup. How much did their breakfast cost?
( 2 x 2 + 4 = 8 ~ Amys Breakfast)
( 4 + 2 = 6 ~ Candice Breakfast )
(6 + 8 = 14 ~ Amount spend on breakfast

Jodie needs 69 cupcakes for a birthday party. She already has 15 chocolate cupcakes and 29 vanilla cupcakes. How many more cupcakes should Jodie buy?
( 29 + 15 = 44 )
( 69 - 44 = 25 ~ more cupcakes are needed)

The students in Sarah's class got to choose between pizza and burgers for the celebration on the last day of school. 25% of the students picked the pizza. If there are 32 students in all at Sarah's class, how many students preferred the pizza?
(25% of 32 = 8 ~ preferred the pizza)

For a company picnic, Bella ordered a box of fresh-baked gingerbread biscuits and sugar biscuits. The box included a total of 25 biscuits, and 40% of them were gingerbread. How many gingerbread biscuits did Bella get?
(40% of 25 = 10)

Each metal ball weighs 0.36 grams. How much do 10 metal balls weigh in all?
0.36 x 10 = 3.6 - 3.60

Each cement block weighs 1.14 kilograms. How much do 7 blocks weigh in total?
1.14 x 7 = 7.98

Pancho is camping with his family. He wants to hike to the lake, go fishing, and hike back before 3:30 P.M. It will take 1 hour and 30 minutes to hike to the lake and 1 hour to hike back. Pancho wants to fish for 2 hours. What is the latest time Pancho can start the hike to the lake?
(The latest should be 9 ~ 1:30 = 10:30 + 1:00 = 11.30 + 2:00 = 1.30 ~ Pancho should go at 9 and will get back at 1:30 with 2 hours to spare)

Each side of a square notepad is 10 centimetres long. What is the notepad's area?
(H x L = 100)

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Materialistic Writer

The Materialistic Writer

What should be there
Success Criteria
Figurative Language
Parts of speech
To be independent and use a large amount of parts of speech.
-Make sure to use expensive words.

Did you know the average person writes one thousand words each and every day? Quite amazing right? But that's something that doesn’t really comes and goes in my life. The normal route for me is one million, four hundred and eighty four thousand words. Quite ironic right? It only started when I was in eighth grade. I was always attracted to writing and most times I just couldn’t get enough….

“Ok class, I want a full story about global warming and maybe add some animals or just essential things that should be in here ok, search it up anything you want to add, I want near five hundred words or maybe less if it's too much”. These were the words that started my career, or hobby. My best friend and I loved to write, sometimes we even wrote amazing stories that would sometimes lead to an unexpected adventure, but of course they always had to end. I had written a five page story with nearly two million words, sadly after that I got a fail for ‘Too many words’. That same month though, something I never thought would happen, came into reality, as well as the day of the fire...

4 Months Before….

It was a bright night with the moon shining inquisitively, the owls resting into their snuggly beds waiting to hunt their preys that would pounder out under the night's sky. It was chilly outside as if it was starting to turn into winter, but being in the middle of summer, I think that would be quite impossible. Turning the kettle on ready to make a hot cup of milo brought back old memories of being at my grandmother's house. She would flick the kettle on and rush back to make sure it was three sugars instead of one. It was a heck of a laugh as my mother always made sure no sugar was within eye-reach of any of us. But luckily, grandma always had a trick up her sleeve. Instantly I had a great thought. Seemingly, it was a dark Saturday night, everything was quiet and nobody really had anything to do. So I popped some bright red boots on to go with my bright yellow hat, and pondered out the door to visit someone I haven't seen in what felt like forever.

“Hey GRANDMA”! I screamed after knocking on the door. “Oh god, Chastity what are you doing here”, she tried to say as quietly as my grandma could”. “Thank God, you're safe”. I instantly notice that my grandma has been crying, she just rushes in for a hug but I shuttle away in curiosity. “What's wrong grandma, why have you been crying?”, it breaks me to see her like this, but a million things are going through my head about what might have happened. “Your family, siblings, parents,”, she pauses for nearly ten minutes, but I just give her, her time. “I just got the call…. Chasity, they have just died in a fire back at the house”....

My life flashes before my eyes. My two little sisters and little brother, my mum and dad, my dog, they are all dead. The words are repeating over and over again in my head but I can’t make it stop. But I have to stand strong, and make my family proud.

2 Years later…..

Being the boss of the biggest Newspaper Company in the world is not easy you know. Well that's half a lie. ‘Real’, that is the name of my company I made. I made it to write stories and news that it one hundred percent true and not a single lie shall be included. But sometimes, it takes me back to two years ago.

My whole
Right now my life is going good and I don't think I would go back in time to get anything back. My family's death has pushed me in life and I will make them proud once again.

What is a Powhiri

What Is A Powhiri?
WALT: Explain what a Powhiri is.
Success Criteria:
-Use correct grammar.
-Use relevant information.
-Use true facts.
-Use expensive words.

A Powhiri is done mainly to introduce new people, celebrate somebody's twenty first or welcoming a dead body into a marae. (Marae is basically a big house with maori patterns all over the walls, multiple people sleep in the same room.) But you may ask “Why do people do Powhiris?”. Well depending on what tribe you're in, most people perform Powhiris to introduce new people, as well as making them feel like they belong at their new home or workplace.

Most tribes or maoris only perform Powhiris if there are a substantial amount of people at the gathering or meeting. If there aren’t too many people in the meeting/gathering then the only thing that follows the entrances is a prayer, then they just get along with what the main part of the gathering/meeting. But some maoris and maraes do their Powhiris different. Most maraes do follow the tradition of inviting people into the building. If they have not been called in, they are not welcoming to walk on the grounds of the marae. But as well as that, there are also different maraes and tribes that don’t necessarily make it compulsory for the powhiri to be called.  

When a Powhiri is performed it is usual filled with lots of noise. A boy/man will run to the front and wave their stick around, then run back to the front to do the entrance song. When the new recruit or body is inside the building, it is followed by someone starting a speech, usually done in maori and then a maori song is sung just to finish that part of the Powhiri. After the song is done usually the cultural dances are done sometimes followed by the haka. All of the dances are usually done by the Kapa Haka Group, including the Songs/Singing. (Kapa Haka is the maori- cultural group.)

At the end of every powhiri, to show your respect you usually go up to the Kaumatua/Old man and Hongi him if you are a man as that is more respectful, but if you're a lady, a kiss on the check is more wanted.

Powhiris are a great way to make people feel welcome as well as making them look like they belong in the new environment that they have come into.

Simple Machines

25th Tuesday July 2017
WALT: Define simple machines and learn the different types.
Definition- A ‘Simple Machine’ is basically a mechanical structure which helps apply force or help with everyday things.
Wedge is an item which you cut things with. It is like an axe.
A pulley is naturally something which transport things from one place to another. It is when either a string or rope is attached to maybe a bucket and someone will then pull it.s
Wheel and Axle
A Wheel and Axle is mostly powered by a rope or chain and normally spins round and round to change the direction of something,. Doorknob is an example.
It tightens things are well as keeping items together. Like a drill it spin a screw quickly so it can pierce something.
Inclined Plane
One side is higher than the other side which allows things to go from a low point to a high point, It takes the same amount of work as other things but uses less force.